Reclaim Your Creativity “Playshop” w/ Kate Savage

1030 C Montana Avenue Santa Monica, CA 90403

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In a safe setting using mindfulness meditation as support, you will be guided through various fun exercises in journaling, movement and art.

“A “playshop” for everyone who wishes to find fresh approaches to their work, who feels blocked or uninspired, who has internalized the false message that they’re not creative, who wants to find more authenticity in their creative “voice,” and for those who just want to shake the dust off their daily lives to enjoy the freedom of creative exploration.

In a safe setting using mindfulness meditation as support, participants will be guided through various fun exercises in journaling, gentle movement and visual art, while being invited to connect with their creative selves. With an underlying tone of kindness, playfulness and self-compassion, this workshop is designed to help you expand your boundaries and savor the creative process. We’ll even learn to befriend our inner critic!

Based on the belief that creativity is a natural quality and a human birthright that we all innately possess, we welcome all adults at any level of meditation or creative experience, including none! All materials included in class fee. Optional: bring a journal or sketchbook.

Kate Savage, MFA, CMT is an artist and meditation teacher who loves combining her two practices and sharing them with others. Kate shows her artwork in galleries and museums nationally and internationally (see while also working as an art educator to teens and adults. As a Certified Mindfulness Teacher, Kate has roots in decades of her own yoga and Buddhist meditation practice. With a deep understanding of the contemplative traditions underlying current mindfulness trends, Kate has over two years of mindfulness teacher training with InsightLA and Mindful Schools. She has designed and led mindfulness trainings and retreats for the municipal employees of The City of Culver City, POPS Clubs, Safe Place for Youth, The People Concern, and many other organizations. Balancing depth with accessibility, Kate offers a combination of traditional, creative and interactive practices that can help anyone access the wellness benefits of mindfulness.