Pause In Joy with Patti Penn

1030 Montana Place North Santa Monica, CA 90402

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We are excited to be hosting Patti Penn, founder of Pause In Joy. Patti is one of the healers featured in the amazing documentary Heal doing the “tapping technique” and will be creating a space here at Cocoon for us to experience finally letting go of what we know will not serve us going into 2020. This is a rare opportunity to release everything you know is holding you back and weighing you down.

The energy Patti creates during Emotional Freedom tapping technique workshops allows you to go to places you don’t normally go with ease and to enjoy the final release.

Patti has developed her technique over two decades working with veterans with PTSD, those with sabotaging creative blockages, all forms of traumas and those with terminal diagnoses. The evening will be a sacred space as we tap into key acupressure points using the borrowing effects of the collective group consciousness to burst through all your glass ceilings, un/known fears and inherited programs running your life. Patti will take us on a tapping journey using key acupressure points while giving high permission to allow the body to release energy creating the beliefs, programs, behaviors and blockages held in the body.

Wear comfortable clothes.