The Women’s Healing Workshop

1030 C Montana Avenue Santa Monica, CA 90403

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Unleash the raw power of your inner goddess!

In this 2 1/2-hour, all-female workshop, we explore the mysteries and the majesty of your sexuality and introduce you to your Yoni (vagina). In Sanskrit, Yoni means “sacred space,” and it is the essence of divine feminine power, pleasure and freedom. Sadly, in most modern societies, we have been taught that we should feel shame and guilt around our bodies. That our sexual nature is bad and sinful. This couldn’t be further from the truth. It is time to heal all of these wounds and change the way we see (and feel) ourselves.

Before we can unleash the raw power of our inner goddess, we must learn to heal our bodies, release limiting beliefs, self-doubts or disempowering conditioning so we can step into our true potential and have the love life we’ve always desired.

What to expect:

• A loving group of open-minded women

• Breath work, movement & sound healing

• Recognize limiting beliefs & self-doubt

• Discover your erogenous zones

• Learn to activate sexual energy

• Discover the different types of orgasms

• Ancient practice of vaginal de-armoring through the yoni massage

• Tools to communicate your needs & set boundaries

• Embodiment through dance

• Take home practices and rituals to support your transformation

• Free gift

• Access to our private Facebook group where we connect your with the Goddess Community, a safe, loving environment to talk about your progress and ask questions as they come up.

**There is no nudity or touch involved in this workshop.

Included in Workshop:

Yoni Massage: A Guide to Self-Healing

In this ebook, we guide you through the ancient ritual of the Yoni Massage, which heals sexual trauma, reconnects you to your body, opens your heart, increases sensitivity, and removes blocks between you and pure sexual ecstasy.

The Power of the Tribe:

To heal in the company of other goddesses is a truly magical experience. When like-minded women come together, a powerful energy circulates through the room. We share intimate stories of our personal experiences, let go of trauma stored in our bodies and support and uplift each other.

What you will need for the workshop:

• cozy clothes or goddess dress

• a notebook or paper & pen (optional)

• an open heart & mind