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Feed Your Spirit – The Essence of Thin Resides Within

1030 C Montana Avenue Santa Monica, CA 90403

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Your relationship to food is in direct relationship to your core beliefs and a mirror to how you feel about love, anger, fear, sadness, hurt, guilt and anxiety.

When you take a closer look at what you eat, you will learn how you feel about yourself.

If you begin to pay attention to what’s on your plate, you will discover if food fuels or sabotages you.

Do you eat for fuel, hunger or do you eat your emotions?

It’s time to end emotional eating.

In this 2-hour workshop, we’ll dive deep into one’s personal journey and relationship with food.

You will be able to identify your personal limiting patterns through a series of guided exercises. These patterns keep you stuck in the cycle of eating that is perhaps sabotaging you or leading you to emotional eating which in turn prevents you from achieving the results you desire

Once you have uncovered what’s holding you back, you can release the core emotions and limiting decisions that you have made in the past and get your body and your mind working in perfect harmony in order to achieve your personal goals.

Blending techniques of mental and emotional release with breathwork meditation enables you to release stuck emotions and limiting decisions. In turn, this will provide you with an opportunity for you to identify what core feelings will move you forward.

You will leave this workshop with a new set of tools that will lay the foundation for you to master your emotions and enable you to fuel your body successfully.

* Please bring a notebook and pen to the workshop.

About Annamaria:

After almost 2 decades in private practice, Annamaria has identified the common denominator that stands in between each person’s desire for optimal health and wellness. No matter if a person’s goals are to be thin, muscular, lean, slim, or X, the body doesn’t always cooperate with you. Instead the body talks and gives you the clues of what you truly need to address. If you listen intently and align your physical, mental and emotional body to Oneness while working in synergy with your body, mind and soul, your body will become your greatest asset and ally in your life.

Annamaria designs unique total body reset programs using her signature blend of blood chemistry optimization, metabolic mastery, mental & emotional release therapy, and the power of positive psychology. Annamaria holds a master’s degree in Applied Nutrition with a specialty in eating disorders from Canisius College, NY. She is a certified Master Practitioner in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Program), MER (Mental and Emotional Release), and hypnotherapy by the Association of Integrative Psychology. In addition, she is trained and certified in breathwork meditation by David Elliot. Annamaria is the resident nutritionist at Cocoon Santa Monica.